Engaging patients, driving decisions

Our mission is to innovate and apply digital science to transform
decision-making in early clinical trials and the patient's role

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Our joint objectives - delivering tomorrow's clinical trials today

  1. Support early decision making to promote the wellbeing and safety of patients

  2. Support the effective adaptation of the clinical trial design for the patient’s benefit

Why is our work important?

We want to change a patient’s perception from being a bystander in a clinical trial, to being an active member of the research team – a co-scientist with us, making their own personal contribution to the development of new cancer medicines.

With cancer survival doubling in the last 40 years, the aim of cancer research has shifted to achieving cancer survivorship of 75% by 2035. A critical part of this aim is not only to increase the number of novel personalised agents being trialled as potential new medicines, but also to introduce smarter trial designs and help patients to take on a more active role in their treatment.

In addition to the medical teams and scientists, patients themselves are often the knowledge leaders in their own disease and should have the opportunity to speak out, becoming active partners rather than silent contributors to a clinical trial.

Besides recording information when a patient visits hospital, new technologies allow us to interact with the patient at home. New applications enable the patient to record their experience 24/7 – providing clinicians and scientists with valuable information to help shape treatment and the development of new drugs. The patient becomes our partner in science, a collaborator with us in driving decisions.

The patient’s perspective

Patient using PROACT

“It is gratifying to know that I have a role in the development of the drug. To believe that this may help others in the future is a real reward too”

Patient using PROACT