REACT – Real time Analytics for Clinical Trials

REACT is online functionality for clinical team use, helping to improve oncology clinical trials and safety. It enables earlier interpretation of clinical data in an ongoing clinical study.

REAL Time Analytics for Clinical Trials (REACT) is a suite of tools for investigating results as they happen. It collates raw efficacy and tolerability data from patients taking part in early phase clinical studies and presents results as easy-to-interpret charts and tables for computer screens and tablets. These interactive visualisations enable clinicians to explore safety, efficacy, and tolerability to identify signals. This enables the clinical trial team to collaboratively make better and more informed decisions. REACT readily assembles information quickly – something that would previously have been done manually. This frees up expert time, and enables scientists and clinicians to concentrate on value-added work.

“While it used to take me a day to prepare data for discussion at a meeting, now it takes an hour. REACT has taken the‘ manual labour’ out of data management and analysis, and enables us to focus on interpreting the findings. It makes time for science!”

Dr Shethar Morgan, drug development specialist.

One of the powerful features of REACT is that it enables scientists to relate dosing, laboratory tests, adverse events, and other data on a single timeline. They can see the sequence of events and work out potential cause and effect. REACT helps us keep our trial participants safe, speeds up informed decision making and improves scientific evaluation and insight. REACT has already been used in more than 120 studies of investigational medicines in early and late stage development. PROACT feedback from patients can be quickly related to reports collected through REACT to achieve deeper understanding of what patients are experiencing.